Drugs, Smugglers and the Addiction of Others Is Part of the World of 666

When he established his Catholic organisation in 325 AD Constantine took control of commerce and industry. It is another form of man-made power that hides the truth. Because everyone needs money for food, housing, clothing and everything else in our lives today it is necessary to get it and the more one has the better one lives. But there is always someone ready to take it away after you earn it and that’s how the world of 666 works.

A recent documentary called Banged Up Abroad showed a man who had deserted his family many years earlier but who now contacted his son. He encouraged him to come to a third world country where he induced him into helping smuggle drugs. They were caught and the father was left to serve time in prison but the son was set free. He went on to complete the sale of the drugs he still had in his possession and used it to help the father reduce his sentence.

Drugs are part of religious worship and many types of spirits, wines, and so forth, were developed by monks. Alcohol is part of the communion service in the mass and many cannot see anything wrong with it. Alcoholics, however, are hooked and unable to escape the poison.

In other religions drugs are freely used to call the spirits into play. Shamans used them to engage in trance whereby they believed they could communicate with the gods. This is still the way many see their use of drugs. They are used for relaxing, escapism and to make money for the suppliers.

Around the world people are languishing in jails as smugglers and some are awaiting the death sentence to be carried out. The problem is that drugs are great money makers and when people are hooked they will do anything to get their next fix. Many are murdered and others live a life of sheer misery when it all goes wrong or when they are hooked and try to get off it.

This is all to do with the world of 666 and his control over money. Revelation 13:18 describes how no one can