God Is Free and There Is No Charge for Seeking Answers

The idea that one has to pay to receive knowledge about God is an abomination. It is a ploy of deception exercised by the temples of robbers to get their audiences and earn a living from them. It is declared as such in Job 12:6. It is in this book of prophecy about the work of God to bring the Children of the Spirit through at the end of the day that speaks the most about the false gods and deception for which people have fallen.

Religions call it the story of a man but it is really the way the Children of Israel have been treated throughout the Day of the Lord. They were given over to the world to test them and to deliver a refined number of vessels at the end. They are the ones who are now bursting with power and insight and are waiting on the final bit of truth that will free them for all time.

Before this could come about they had to prove their willingness to serve their spirituality and to help it grow in strength. They have been stripped of everything, put through rigorous bouts of hardship, poverty, loss and other things while all the time holding to their inner voice. Many died horrendous deaths but returned to serve the one true God again and again.

In the end it is the trap set in the ground that will free them from the imprisonment of deceit they have endured. The means to do this is being delivered now and it is called Mt. Zion. It is the teaching of the work of the 2 beasts of Revelation and of their invented gods and false prophets. It is free and for those who have their ears unblocked and their eyes open